What is Orofacial Pain?

Orofacial pain is a common problem and refers to pain and discomfort which is felt in the mouth, jaw and face. This condition can affect people from every walk of life, and is often the result of improper growth and development of the craniofacial structure and incorrect muscle function.

The orofacial region is responsible for some of the most important bodily functions, including breathing, eating and speech. As such, orofacial pain can be devastatingly debilitating and seriously interfere with our day to day activities. Many orofacial pain sufferers experience a reduced quality of life as a consequence.

Orofacial pain arises as a result of a combination of factors, including dental, TMD, sleep disordered breathing, structural, emotional and behavioural. While many patients pursue dental or surgical treatment, this is not always the appropriate course of action. The good news is that orofacial pain is treatable and curable with the right approach.

Treating Orofacial Pain

Treatment of orofacial pain requires a holistic approach incorporating the restoration of the orofacial musculature and nasal breathing. This approach works towards correct muscle function, tongue rest posture, chewing and swallowing patterns. It is the dysfunction of these activities that cause pain.


Rochelle McPherson of Orofacial Myology Health is highly experienced in treating orofacial pain in adults. Therapy begins with understanding the condition and outlining a long term strategy for treatment. Results are often felt within a short period of time, however treating the problem requires a longer term approach to fixing the underlying issues, rather than just masking them. Rochelle helps and works with you each step of the way as you move towards optimal orofacial health and away from pain for good.

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